NOSTOI is a cultural association and research center based in Milano (Italy). It aims at promoting, sharing and developing any kind of research and activity related to the areas and cultures of the Mediterranean, the Arab world, the Middle and Near East.

NOSTOI promotes and carries out researches and studies aimed at deepening the knowledge on several aspects of architecture, urbanism, art, etc. in their local and global dimensions. In doing so, NOSTOI organizes cultural activities such as travels, workshops, translations, publication of books, seminars and conferences, researches, etc.

Cecilia Fumagalli 

Cecilia is an architect and an independent researcher. She holds a Ph.D. in architecture from Politecnico di Milano. She has taught in several architecture faculties in Italy and abroad (Milano, Torino, Napoli, Rabat). Her interest and passion in the architecture and urban settlements of the Arab and Middle Eastern countries started some 15 years ago, when, freshly graduated, she moved to the oasis of Figuig (Morocco) for a working experience that has deeply marked her and her work.

Emilio Mossa

Emilio is an architect. He currently lives and works in Bari.

He has always been interested in the representation, illustration and narration of architecture.

He is an avid reader and an enthusiast nerd about paintings, old treaties, films and illustrations. He is also an organic farmer from the south, on the shore of the Mediterranean sea.       


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