Quaderni 1: Villes Minières | Mining Cities

The book is the first in the “Quaderni | دفاتر” series, which aims to gather and disseminate the outcomes of the workshops organised by NOSTOI. Thus, the first volume is devoted to our inaugural workshop, “Villes Minières / Mining Cities”, which was held in the Moroccan Phosphate Valley in 2019. The book is divided into three sections, two appendices, and an introduction, where we describe the reason behind the workshop. The three sections are devoted to three topics: the “methodology” used to address the particular issue of Morocco’s mining cities; the “references” selected as instruments for comprehending and analysing the country’s urban phenomenon in a historical perspective and designing possible future scenerios; and, finally, to the “results” of the workshop.

DAr Journal: Design, Architecture, Research

DAr Journal is an biannual international journal aimed at investigating the Islamic culture from the point of view of the architectural and urban design, without referring to specific geographical areas of l Dar-al-Islam and addressing also those architectural and urban characters of the Islamic world that are being consolidating outside its traditional limits. Although the journal aims above all to deepen and consolidate the formal architectural values of the Islamic world, it fosters at the same time an exchange of knowledge between architectural and urban composition and landscape architecture, interior design, history and criticism, philosophy, anthropology and sociology, having as its ultimate goal the reflection on the city, intended as an inclusive and intercultural large house (Dār in Arabic).