Villes Minières | Mining Cities

June 2019 | Casablanca, Beni Mellal, Rabat, Milano, Firenze.

The international architectural and urban design workshop VILLES MINIÈRES | MINING CITIES aims at elaborating proposals and design ideas for a new town to be located in the so-called ‘phosphates valley’ of the Moroccan inland, where, since the 1920s, mining cities such as Khouribga, Youssufia and Benguérir, among others, have been built. Starting from the analysis of case studies, the participants will draw design ideas and investigate the theme of new towns, by elaborating urban strategies and architectural proposals. In collaboration with local institutions and with Professors from the involved Architecture Faculties, the students have the opportunity to visit and experience the places for which they are asked to design. 

Credits @ Tommaso Vangi

Credits @ Simone Giachini